Keep the Holiday Weight Off with Yoga

by GuruYoga 22. December 2014 14:15
Keep the Holiday Weight Off with Yoga Ah yes, the holidays – a time for camaraderie, merrymaking, and most importantly, food. Because many holidays revolve around meals, it’s not unlikely to put on a few pounds around the season. To make sure that you aren’t carrying the extra poundage for weeks and months after the holidays, there’s one tried and tested way to lose weight: exercise. Okay. Exercising for weight loss may sound daunting to those who aren’t too used to working out regularly. Running, jumping jacks, and aerobics sound like high-impact activities, after all, and that’s not even counting the increasingly popular cross fit and boot camp styles. Don’t get us wrong, these are all great ways to shed weight but they’re not for everyone. For those who prefer gentler but similarly effective methods of losing the holiday pounds, why not try yoga? How can yoga help you slim down? It is true that other physical activities like zumba ... [More]



Part 1: Yoga Prop Basics

by GuruYoga 15. December 2014 00:00
What are yoga props?   Until the recent popularization of yoga and restorative yoga early yoga practitioners used whatever was available to assist them into their poses and help make their yoga sessions a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.  Traditional items such as blankets, cloth sheets, chairs, tables, and even walls have been used to help the yoga practitioner achieve both basic and advanced poses and make those restorative yoga sessions more bearable.  As the number of yoga and restorative yoga practitioners grew exponentially, specific equipment and tools have been developed to make this sport easier, more appealing, and to help its practitioners evolve faster and stronger.  Any items specifically designed to assist the Yoga practtioners are known as yoga props. They include items such as yoga mats, yoga bricks, back benders, neck wraps, b... [More]


Meditate Your Way to a Stress-free Holiday

by GuruYoga 13. December 2014 14:53
Holiday season is on the horizon and while it’s typically a time for merriment, we can’t deny that it can also be a source of stress. In addition to everything else you normally have going on in your lifes, preparing for holidays mean you’ll have to think about things like getting the Thanksgiving turkey, booking flights to visit relatives, getting gifts, and joining the holiday sale hordes – this rundown is probably already exhausting you, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are ways to keep your stress levels down amid the holiday din: yoga and meditation. Manage your holiday stress with these calming yoga poses: The Child’s Pose – also called Balasana, this posture helps keep the mind at ease from anxieties and stress. It’s a very restful pose that stretches the back, hips, and thighs. Additionally, when done properly, Balasana provides comfort to those with back pains. Th... [More]

Yoga Props 101: The essential guide to yoga accessories

by GuruYoga 8. December 2014 01:00
  The tradition of yoga is an ancient one but over the long period of time that the practice has flourished, many props or accessories have been developed to help yoga enthusiasts safely go beyond their limits. Basically, yoga props are “tools” that help you perform better while keeping you from risking your body’s well-being.   These props, which include mats, belts, and bricks, among others, have various specific functions and can be used by all practitioners but older folks and more advanced yoga enthusiasts may find them especially useful. Here’s a rundown on some of the most essential yoga props available these days:   Yoga mats Although yoga can easily be performed directly on any floor, many yogis use these mats both as a cushion against hard surfaces, and a stabilizer to keep from slipping. Because of the added comfort of yoga mats, people can easily concentrate on their meditation without being bothered by the discomfort or pain of... [More]