Keep the Holiday Weight Off with Yoga

by GuruYoga 22. December 2014 14:15

Keep the Holiday Weight Off with Yoga

Ah yes, the holidays – a time for camaraderie, merrymaking, and most importantly, food. Because many holidays revolve around meals, it’s not unlikely to put on a few pounds around the season. To make sure that you aren’t carrying the extra poundage for weeks and months after the holidays, there’s one tried and tested way to lose weight: exercise.

Okay. Exercising for weight loss may sound daunting to those who aren’t too used to working out regularly. Running, jumping jacks, and aerobics sound like high-impact activities, after all, and that’s not even counting the increasingly popular cross fit and boot camp styles. Don’t get us wrong, these are all great ways to shed weight but they’re not for everyone. For those who prefer gentler but similarly effective methods of losing the holiday pounds, why not try yoga?

How can yoga help you slim down?

It is true that other physical activities like zumba or aerobics may help you lose weight quicker than the at-your-own-pace yoga, but that’s what makes is a perfect entry-point for those who aren’t quite ready for running miles or aren’t coordinated enough for jazzercise. Weight loss through yoga is indeed more gradual but it’s still a way to sweat thanks to the various yoga asanas you can do but if you want to sweat some more, taking a bikram yoga (hot yoga) class is something you can look into.

As mentioned earlier, yoga has many poses and you can learn and do these based on your capabilities. This variety means that you can focus on different areas of the body according to your needs. Feel like your Thanksgiving turkey settled in your arms? Try the downward-facing dog pose or the chaturanga pose. Did your tummy take in a little more Christmas cookies than you’re supposed to?  The upward-facing dog and the modified wheel are your best bets.

Yoga’s also known to have other health benefits that assist the body in losing weight. Experts believe that practicing this ancient art (particularly the bellow’s pose and the fire pose) can cleanse the colon, clearing it from food matter that make people feel so full.

Aside from that, some postures like the sarvangasana and matsayasana have been said to help correct the thyroid dysfunction hypothyroidism, a condition which leads to weight gain.

More reasons to do yoga

Another great thing about yoga is that it doesn’t really take up too much space. If you have enough floorspace to lay down a mat (plus a few feet more) then you’re ready to go. Even yoga propsyoga props like yoga pillows or yoga wood blocks, which some practitioners use to make it easier to perform some yoga asanas, can be easily stored in a box or kept in a little corner.

So really, there’s no excuse for not getting enough exercise after the holidays, even if you’re not normally the type to go to the gym or go jogging. With yoga, you can gauge your own body and decide when it’s time to do something more complicated, so you don’t have to shock your body into extreme physical activity when you’re not ready.

Plus you don’t even have to spend too much on clothing and gear, and you get to practice meditation.  Frankly after holiday expenses and the stress involved in the season, even that’s enough reason to try yoga, don’t you think?



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