Part 2: Yoga Props Basic: 8 good reasons to use them

by GuruYoga 5. January 2015 02:25


Even though Yoga is rooted to ancient beginnings in India and most of its philosophy and techniques have not changed, the world has changed and so has technology. Thus, the introduction of modern advances to an ancient tradition helps makes it safer and more accessible to those previously limited by physical disadvantages.  

  • Better workout: Practicing yoga is immensely tiring, but yoga props will increase your endurance
  • Less Dangerous: As the yoga class progresses, so will your sweat. A yoga mat provides a non-slip surface and also a soft surface if you do fall.
  • Injured? Not a problem: If you lost your flexibility due to injuries, yoga straps can help restore the lost range of motion.
  • Scared of new poses?  Yoga props act as training wheels for new poses.
  • Longer, better: The combination of a yoga mat, yoga brick, and yoga strap can help you maintain poses longer and better.
  • Injury prevention:  Yoga props stabilize and reduce over exertion on joints
  • Old?  Yoga props can help the elderly and physically challenged people achieve certain poses
  • Legendary: Finally, yoga props can help you achieve poses that are impossible and defies the rules of gravity.




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