Pre-natal Yoga – Use Yoga Props to Ease Your Life

by GuruYoga 23. January 2015 03:20

Yoga props are essential for moms-to-be performing prenatal yoga – of course, who wouldn’t enjoy added support and ease at this time!

Prenatal yoga is absolutely safe for moms-to-be, especially if they add some props to it. Performing yoga and the transitions between poses are gradual and slow. This encourages you to move at a very comfortable pace without feeling tired. Experts highly recommend using props to assist the overall session so that you move safely and swiftly between different postures, especially when the baby starts growing.

Most women are scared to indulge into any form of exercise during pregnancy. But if you really want to stay fit and relaxed and wish to have easier labor, consider indulging yourself into prenatal yoga using yoga props. It doesn’t only offer various health benefits to you but also helps promote the health of your baby.

Why Perform Prenatal Yoga?

You may be interested in learning the whole list of benefits this form of exercise has to offer you. It is important to know that prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to working out that promotes stretching, mental centering, and focused breathing. Experts suggest that prenatal yoga carries many benefits for moms-to-be and their babies and is absolutely safe to perform.

Here are some amazing benefits you can achieve following a prenatal yoga:

  1. Improved sleeping patterns (something you desperately need during pregnancy)

  2. Reduced anxiety and stress

  3. Increased muscle endurance necessary for childbirth

  4. Increased flexibility and strength

  5. Decrease pregnancy side-effects such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, nausea, shortness of breath and headaches.

  6. Decrease risk of intrauterine growth restriction, preterm labor, pregnancy-induced hypertension

Your Typical Prenatal Yoga Experience

What to expect from prenatal yoga when you are expecting?

It is highly recommended that you perform prenatal yoga under a professional instructor and with the set of best yoga props. A typical yoga class would involve:

  1. Focus on breathing – You will be encouraged to pay attention to your breathing patterns. You will be taught different techniques for breathing with your nose and how to make deep sounds while breathing. This will help you manage or reduce shortness of breathing and contractions during childbirth.

  2. Gentle moves of stretching – You will be taught to move your body in gentle and slow postures, which will relax your muscles during labor.

  3. Learning different postures – While lying on the ground, sitting or standing, you will be taught to move different parts of your body gently is different positions aimed at developing your balance, flexibility, and strength.

  4. Using Props – Yoga props such as yoga blocks, blankets, yoga bolsters, and belts will be commonly used to provide comfort and support while you perform prenatal yoga. You will also be taught different breathing techniques as you use different yoga props.

As mentioned earlier, yoga props will help you perform exercise with comfort and support, and therefore, it is best that you always use them even if you are taking classes from a professional instructor. Choose the best yoga prop set from the wide range offered at and don’t forget to carry them to your prenatal yoga class. We have everything you need at prices you are willing to pay.

Enjoy your motherhood!



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