Yoga for Couples Part 1: What Yoga can Teach You About Relationships

by GuruYoga 2. February 2015 00:00

You’ve probably heard it at least once from your parents, mentors, or that sage-like friend of yours: “romantic relationships are a lot of work”, and you know what? They’re right. Being in a relationship with someone isn’t easy since there’s definitely going to be a lot of give-and-take involved and sometimes it’s not clear when to give or take. But don’t think we’re trying to put you off relationships. In fact, even through whatever adjustments or hardships there are when you’re romantically involved, it’s all worth it if you find someone who loves you as much as you love them.

Fortunately, as a yoga practitioner, there are certain things you can pick up from your regular yoga (whether you do restorative yoga or any other variation of this ancient art) and meditation sessions which may help you keep your relationship strong.

TIME - One of the first things you learn when you meditate or do yoga is that you have to be in the now. Yoga’s breathing techniques help free you from external factors which only distract you from what you’re trying to achieve.

When it comes to your relationship, it’s always important to be emotionally-available to him or her. Set aside time to bond and learn about each other every day, this will strengthen your connection and show your partner how important he or she is to you.

ENERGY – Think about it. You can’t really share quality time with your significant other if you’re so drained by everything you’ve had going on that you’re falling asleep or becoming cranky because you’re tired while he or she is trying to be romantic with you. 

Luckily, yoga can also energize you by getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Certain types of yoga like flow or vinyasa yoga are particularly great for restoring your energy. Then youcan really focus on your partner.

UNDERSTANDING– Just like in restorative yoga where you heal your body and mind with the aid of yoga props so that you can keep your balance and do the poses while remaining relaxed; or similar to yoga pose modifications you do when you’re expecting (prenatal) in order to safely do your poses, it’s essential for both partners to understand each other’s abilities and limitations. 

Understanding who your significant other is (and vice versa) will keep either of you from having unrealistic expectations from each other and find ways to get over any limitations together.

COMMUNICATION – When it comes to couples yoga, being in sync or being sensitive to each other’s needs is key because you’ll both be doing poses where support is integral. Without it, one or both of you may end up being hurt or injured. 

And it goes without saying that how to have clear lines of communication and support each other are definitely essential to any relationship, and things you should try learn from yoga.

Of course, the ancient art of yoga doesn’t just help us cultivate our relationships, mentally and emotionally. For our next article on the topic of yoga for couples, we’re going to delve on the physical aspect and poses involved in couples’ yoga.



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